Q: What do you mean by a "Customized Ceremony"?
A: Instead of just a standard textbook ceremony, you may pick from several different types of ceremony's, vows, readings, etc.  If you have something special or different you want to include I will work with you to put it in.

Q: Do I need to have a rehearsal?
A: For smaller weddings and elopements, it is usually not necessary.  We will have everything worked out ahead of time and the ceremony will be easy to follow. We also provide an assistant in some cases to guide you through. For large weddings it is recommended for an additional charge.

Q. Do I get my deposit back if I cancel?
A. The $100 deposit is non-refundable. Please be sure before you book.

Q. What is my "Plan B" if it rains?
A.  It is your responsibility to provide a "back-up" location. It is usually the place
 of your reception. We can set up most of our packages inside,
however you must make the decision based on the weather forecast, the day  before your wedding.        

Q. What if we are running late for our scheduled wedding time?
A: It is extremely important that you allow enough time for you and all your guests to get to the site.  We will be ready for you 30 minutes early and we ask the same courtesy from you.  We must start on time, as we often have several weddings scheduled in a day.  When you are late, you not only inconvenience all your guests, but also everyone working on your wedding and everyone else who may be getting married after you that day.  We allow a 15 minute maximum grace period.

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